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Intelius is an information commerce company providing big and small businesses with predictive intelligence for important everyday decisions. Companies use Intelius to make choices about people, businesses and assets. Intelius offers products and services ranging from basic people search and list management to comprehensive HR background checks.

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If you're an employer and you have had a problem with an employee, firms like this can offer consulting and software to help locate, review and retrieve electronic evidence from your employee's computer. They can usually retrieve data from all types of disks, tape media, storage devices, files, or emails. They often will have forensic and investigative departments for detecting, analyzing and presenting computer evidence in criminal activities and act as expert witnesses.

Employment background check if you want to check up on someone's employment past.
Company for employer search is a screener you can use for online records screenings.
Service for employment background checks is a professional outfit you may consider for top-notch job documents verifications.
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List of services for employment background searches provides a short group of promising job application checking companies.
Provider of pre-employment history check are a company you may explore for professional job information opportunities.

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