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Employment Background Companies

If you're an employer and you need to complete some background checks on potential new hires, the following services can help. The first two firms offer federal employer-compliant background searches for employers of any size.

Intelius is an information commerce company providing big and small businesses with predictive intelligence for important everyday decisions. Companies use Intelius to make choices about people, businesses and assets. Intelius offers products and services ranging from basic people search and list management to comprehensive HR background checks. Go to Intelius.com

eVerify.com lets you utilize a network of multiple data sources to find the exact records you are looking for. You get this data from thousands of sources, public and private, quickly and conveniently delivered right to your computer screen. You can perform unlimited records searches on anyone. There are no limits and no restrictions to the amount of searches you can make. Options are available for unlimited, three year or one year access to all services. Learn more from eVerify.

Universal Background Screening
Universal Background Screening is a leading provider of employment background screening solutions. They provide verifications, background checks, drug testing, physicals and customized management services.
Universal Background Screening

Pre-employment history checks when you want to (or have to) check up on an individual's employment history.
Consultant for employer check is a records investigator you may retain for professional job applicant screenings.
Agency for pre-employment background search is an operator you may check out for responsible job search verifications.
Service for employee history checks is a consultant for first-class record search investigations.
Services for employment background searches offers a brief bunch of recommended companies.
Company for public record searches are a concern you can consider for top-notch public record search missions.
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